10 December 2022




If there was one food I had to choose for the rest of my life, it would be bread.

Besides eating it, the scientist part of me loves diving deep into the technique to create those perfect loaves of bread. 

Resulting in a perfectly caramelized, almost charred crust, giving in a distinct rich flavor. With an even more perfect inside; slightly moist, soft silky baked bread dough. Just flour and water, but nourished with a lot of love.

I rest my case. I don’t need anything else in the world. Give me some good bread, and I’ll be happy.

I would love to share the magic of sourdough bread with you—the ultimate way of slowing down. In this workshop, we will make sourdough step-by-step. A process not to be rushed, so we will have plenty of time to look at other recipes using discarded sourdough, exchange ideas, and of course, eat lots of bread.

what to expect?


A full-day workshop; step-by-step, you will make a sourdough loaf. During the bulk fermentation process, we’ll have lunch, with bread, of course. We’ll also cover the most asked question; ‘what do you do with the discard after feeding?’ Recipes, tips&tricks, …

 At the end of the workshop, there are two options;

Take your proofing basket home, put it to bed, and bake it at home the next morning. Or it has a sleepover at NALA, and you come over Sunday to pick up your baked loaf.

Does all this sound weird or scary? Don’t worry; you’ll know what all this means by the end of the day. It’s not rocket science.

when can I join?


Saturday December 10th 2022 – 10am till +/-6pm

We’ll start the day baking bread for our lunch. 
By that time our levin with be ready to mix the sourdough. For the bulk fermentation we need about 5h. So the end hour of the workshop depends when our starter is mature enough.
If you need to leave a little earlier, no problem we’ll take care of putting your dough to bed.

Nederlands / English

Any questions? Contact me!

what’s the price?


The price is 150€ (incl VAT)

I want to get you started on your sourdough journey, which means the all-in price comes with a starter package – a happy starter baby to take care of, some flour mix to get you started with feeding your baby, a proofing basket for a good night sleep, and some more baking tools.

Lunch, Coffee, Tea & Water included