Sourdough Workshop – 10 December


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If there was one food I had to choose for the rest of my life, it would be bread.
Besides eating it, the scientist part of me loves diving deep into the technique to create those perfect loaves of bread. Resulting in a perfectly caramelized, almost charred crust, giving in a distinct rich flavor. With an even more perfect inside; slightly moist, soft silky baked bread dough. Just flour and water, but nourished with a lot of love.

I would love to share the magic of sourdough bread with you—the ultimate way of slowing down. In this workshop, we will make sourdough step-by-step. A process not to be rushed, so we will have plenty of time to look at other recipes using discarded sourdough, exchange ideas, and of course, eat lots of bread.

A full-day workshop; step-by-step, you will make a sourdough loaf. During the bulk fermentation process, we’ll have lunch, with bread, of course. We’ll also cover the most asked question; ‘what do you do with the discard after feeding?’
Recipes, tips&tricks, …

Price includes a starter kit to continue your sourdough journey at home.
A great gift idea for the holidays, a fresh baked sourdough make with love.
Who doesn't love bread?